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We’ve answered our most frequently asked questions and posted them in one place so you can get all the information you need on the True Celebrity VIP Card.

How do I use True VIP Card?

When you receive your True Card, please sign your name on the back of the plastic card. When using your card at a specific venue, please show staff member your card along with your id. The staff member will check the True Celebrity Guest list and allow you entry into the venue.

How long is True VIP Card valid?

We offer three card options; monthly, semi-annually (6 months) and annually (1 year). Pricing and membership options for True Card are listed below:

Monthly Membership – $19.99 (Paypal will automatically draft payments from your credit/debit card on file)

Annual Membership* (1 year) – $99.99

Semi-Annual Membership (6 months) –  $59.99

*Please note that the yearly True Card is only available for use within the purchase year. For example, if you choose to purchase the annual card (1 year option) in July the card will expire at the end of December, unless renewed. So, if the annual card is purchased earlier in the year you will be able to enjoy greater benefits of your True VIP Card. Also, True VIP Card may be renewed every month, 6 months or annual basis.

Can you get in clubs for free?

Yes, we have put together a great list of clubs and bars that will offer you free entry and VIP entrance to their club.

Is the True VIP Card really worth it?

Yes, if you choose to only use the card one time, you will still save money on nightclub cover fees that could be in excess of $40.00+ and fees to skip long lines that could cost you $40.00+.

What other products or services can we save on by having the True VIP Card?

True VIP Card can save you many at nightclubs, bars, restaurants, clothing stores and also beauty salons, barbershops, concerts and events.

What are the offers for each venue?

Each venue has a different offer. The nightclubs, ultra lounges, dayclub pools, and gentlemen’s clubs passes are for FREE/or DISCOUNT Admission with VIP line access. Most of the bar passes are drink specials, such as 2 for 1 cocktails. Refer to each venues page on our site to see what the pass offer is for.

Do we have to wait in line?

The True VIP Card is for complimentary admission to VIP lines, at venues who have both a VIP Line and General Admission Line.  Wait times in VIP lines are usually shorter, so wait times should not be that long.

Will we have to pay a cover charge at the venues?

Cover charges are included with True Card, so entry is FREE most of the time. Some venues will offer discounted cover charges rather then FREE.

Are there any rules or regulations?

Each venue has specific rules and regulations stated on the venues page on our website.  Although, True Card offers FREE VIP line admission, the venue management reserves all rights in regards to redemption and entry. Some rules and regulations include: dress code restrictions, venue capacity, blackout dates, time of night, etc… Please refer to venues webpage for more on its rules and regulations.

Is there a age restriction for True VIP Card?

Yes, you must be 21 years of age to use True Card.

How to buy card?

You can purchase True VIP Card online, and have card mailed to you or for express delivery, you can pick up card from our office. First time customers can take advantage of our 1 month free trial here.